Coin Rack Displays (Walnut)

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This listing is for Military Challenge Coin Rack Displays, hand-crafted from solid, kiln-dried Walnut wood (no particle board is used).  The walnut wood is top-coated (twice) with a clear conversion varnish which meets all environmental regulations. These coin racks are excellent for showcasing your military challenge (or other) coins. Options are racks with 2-tiers, 3-tiers, 4-tiers, or 5-tiers. (See individual photos.)  Each tier holds 7 military challenge coins, therefore the 2-tier will hold a total of 14; the 3-tier will hold a total of 21; the 4-tier will hold a total of 28; and the 5-tier will hold a total of 35 military challenge coins!  Overall dimensions of each rack are as follows:
2-tier: 13-1/4"L x 1-7/8"D x 2-1/4"H
3-tier: 13-1/4"L x 2-3/4"D x 2-7/8"H
4-tier: 13-1/4"L x 3-1/2"D x 3-1/2"H
5-tier: 13-1/4"L x 4-1/4"D x 4"H
** If you want a mix of any of the above items, you must choose one size at a time (to the right): choose a quantity, add it to your cart, then, click on "continue shopping" (and find your way back to this page) in order to add a different size walnut coin rack to your cart.
These coin racks are also available in Cherry or Oak (see 'group photo'), so please see other listings if interested in a rack(s) other than walnut For custom-size and/or bulk orders of this item, please inquire.


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Coin Rack Display (Walnut), 2-Tier$65.00

Coin Rack Display (Walnut), 3-Tier$75.00

Coin Rack Display (Walnut), 4-Tier$85.00

Coin Rack Display (Walnut), 5-Tier$95.00

Coin Rack Displays (Walnut)
Coin Rack Displays (Walnut) Coin Rack Displays (Walnut) Coin Rack Displays (Walnut)

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