Holly Veneer (1 pc) 1/16"


You are viewing a listing for 1/16", kiln-dried, American Holly veneer. This listing is for one piece measuring roughly 3-1/2" to 4" wide x 52" long...about 1-3/4 sq. ft. The piece you receive may actually be wider than this, but it may also have some brownish heartwood along the edge (outside of the 3-1/2" to 4" width).  Piece is blazing-white (for holly) and is virtually clear.....which is rare, especially for holly.  Light finishing sand may be necessary.

Our holly veneer sheets are cut right from the log and will therefore have naturally curvy edges (not straight-edged).  If you are interested in more than the 1.75 sf of this piece, please change the quantity before placing your order.  Or, if you are interested in 1/32" and/or 1/42" holly veneer (which we also have), please either see our other listings or contact us with your specific request.

Holly Veneer (1 pc)  1/16"
Holly Veneer (1 pc)  1/16"

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