Holly *(5/4)* Lumber Shorts (2 pcs)


TWO premium pieces of 5/4 American Holly lumber shorts measuring as follows:

1-1/4"T x 6-3/4"W x 10-1/8"L

1-1/4"T x 7"W x 10-1/8"L

Both Kiln-dried and surfaced (hit or miss).  Photo is of both sides of the actual pieces you will receive! There's a little oxidation on these pieces, so a little surfacing will have to be done to get past it. 5/4 rough-sawn lumber like this will finish at at least 4/4 (1" thick). Great pieces for all kinds of projects!

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Holly *(5/4)* Lumber Shorts (2 pcs)
Holly *(5/4)* Lumber Shorts (2 pcs)

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